UN Certified Packaging

UN Certified Packaging Services for Dangerous Goods Transport Air / Sea / Road

Keerti Cargo Services Pvt Ltd supply a variety of dg packaging solutions, please see our comprehensive selection of hazardous material, dg packaging, such as our 4G/4GV Boxes, Plastic jerricans, drums and barrels. Making smart and responsible choices mean having a vision for future. That includes the life cycle of your packaging services.

We specialize in the supply of UN certified packaging approved dangerous goods packaging. we offer the range of packaging materials, including inner, single and combination packaging, covering everything from stainless steel drums to 4G/4GV boxes, lithium battery packing and shipping. Our extensive range of dangerous goods packaging, hazard labels and accessories, including vermiculite are available and with no minimum order requirements.

Alongside our extensive packaging range, we offer advice and guidance on all aspects of dangerous goods shipping; from helping shippers understand IATA / IMDG regulations to identifying suitable compliance packaging. So, if you're unsure about your requirements as a shipper, please contact us.

Transporting dangerous goods By Road, Sea and Air Freight

If you are involved in the dangerous goods transport process then you'll understand that complying with dangerous goods IATA / IMDG regulations is vital to preventing harm to people, animals, property and the environment. Our range of dangerous goods packaging solutions, we're here to assist shippers of dangerous goods with any queries or concerns they have regarding packaging and regulations. We're experienced in helping companies ship dangerous goods by providing specialist UN packaging for items such as lithium batteries, infectious substances, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, adhesives and aerosols.

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