Transport Dangerous Goods

Transport Dangerous Goods

Transport Dangerous Goods

Transport dangerous goods By Road, Sea and Air Freight

Keerti Cargo Services Pvt.Ltd. was established in 2014 and has appear as one the leading transport dangerous goods forwarding services in India and all over the world. If you are involved in the transport dangerous goods handling process then you'll understand that complying with dangerous goods IATA / IMDG regulations is vital to preventing harm to people, animals, property and the environment. Our range of dangerous goods packaging and dangerous goods shipping, hazardous goods handling solutions, we're here to assist shippers of dangerous goods handling and hazardous packaging service with any queries or concerns they have regarding packaging and regulations. We're experienced in helping companies handling dangerous goods services by providing specialist UN packaging for items such as lithium batteries, infectious substances, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, adhesives and aerosols.


Mr. R.D. Parab extremely developed awareness that endue the transport dangerous goods have no bounds. The right aim is to see the problems as challenges, and challenges as opportunities to prove ourselves. Thus the essence of achievement can drive towards success. Today, this vision, determination and the will to go that extra mile that sets us apart. This is the fine line which we are persisting to define.


We are part and the partial of Global service wings; we endue the professional services for the Exports of cargo with safety, cost effectiveness & logistically planned to reach cargo within specific time frame.

Quality Policy

At Keerti we ensure to deliver our services keeping quality as the uppermost norm. Our thrive for excellence in quality enables us to have a satisfied customers base. Transport dangerous goods, dangerous goods packaging, hazardous packaging and dangerous goods handling shipping a well defined clear quality policy which contributes to the continual improvement of our business processes and become a globally competitive company which is further ensured by ISO 9001:2008 certifications to meet the international standards.

THE UN CERTIFIED PACKAGING MARKET has always been the best in transport and dangerous goods handling shipments to add an additional service. Keerti is now marketing certified UN / IIP packaging for dangerous goods transport and shipping. This step will be an added advantage to our clients as they will be provided the complete logistics solution under one roof.

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